Grand Hyatt The Collective, Dubai

As described by Hyatt’s own F&B team, the Collective is ‘a down-to-earth, unpretentious way of eating and drinking that offers immediacy, spontaneity and a realness—heralding a new era in food and drink appreciation’. It seeks to challenge how food and drink is consumed, experienced without the barriers, formality and etiquette of fine restaurant dining. Designed by Super Potato and realized in Dubai by LXA, the Collective is fueled by the global explosion in street food, farmers’ markets, pop ups and supper clubs.

The Collective comprises several different cuisines under one roof. The interior design celebrates this fusion of foods. Upon entering through the winding brick wall facade, guests are met by the colorful and fresh scenery of the different food stations. Connected as one, by unique zonal seating, the application of distinctively different materials & textures, and lighting, used throughout the restaurant, the design of each station is unique. Through the lever use of original, and re-composed materials & elements, authentic and unique to the city and cuisine that they represent, each stations design reflects memories of the city it represents.

The idea of a ‘market’, where people and objects interact constantly generating a sense of liveliness is what makes The Collective different to most dining experiences in Dubai. Challenging the convention of traditional dining is what this venue represents— how people in tomorrow’s cities will eat, relax and socialise.