BYRD, the secret subterranean of Shoreditch
June 29, 2023
BYRD is the subterranean secret of The Hart Shoreditch, by Hilton. LXA worked closely with client Shamal as Interior Designers to create a completely immersive bar and event space. The luxurious and theatrical interiors paired with the ever-changing AV installations allows the guest to be transported to a place of imagination, with no limits exploring the world through the lens of a Bird. The venue provides luxurious and flexible seating options which can be modelled to suit a myriad of operational uses from DJ sets to product launches. Being mindful of the hotel above, planning included sound proofing through reduced ceiling heights to minimise the impact from the event facility. All interior FF&E selections were specified from UK manufacturers, significantly lowering our carbon footprint. However, the nature of the venue's function goes beyond materiality in that environment and provides the hotel with a space that can be re-configured for numerous operational uses. Furthermore, the use of projection technology provides the opportunity to transform the venue with zero impact to the physical fabric of the interior.
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